Design Build: Grape Arbor

Designed and then constructed by a group of eight, I was able to see this project from its inception to its final reveal. This small structure will serve as a grape arbor and resting place for the local community. Given a specific site in Pawtucket, RI, we were interested in creating a space of pause and enclosure that contrasted with the fast paced parking lot and openness of the surrounding structures. Tasked with reusing the wood from formwork elsewhere on the site, our design used various sizes as ‘bricks’ that worked on a very specific spacing system. This allowed us to create a screen that was both enclosing but permeable. A similar idea was applied to the roof, which also features a gradient that contrasts with the wall gradient. This project allowed me to not only work on design, but also construction documents, construction methods, and structural theory.

© January 2013 Alexa Asakiewicz.