Boston Olympics 2024

Looking towards the future Olympics, the studio as a whole started by considering how stadiums could be reused or used in different ways after the Olympics. With the intention to counter the current stadium trend of only 10% use throughout the year, this soccer stadium is adaptable in order to encourage a 24/7 space for multiple demographics. The overall concept was to consider the stadium as a village, and activate the area in a new way. A central, spiraling space allows interaction and connection between different programs, such as residential, office, stadium, and public spaces. The street space activates the entire complex throughout various times of day and seasons. The soccer field and the seats are able to fold down and be used for multiple other purposes, such as ice-skating, a pool, and concerts. The use of the spiral form was derived from site conditions and the concept. This same notion of spiraling is also used on the scale of the apartment, in which the bedrooms split in order to encourage interaction in the center. In an attempt to pull more diverse demographics, the residential apartments are particularly designed for young families.

© December 2013 Alexa Asakiewicz.